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Big Cocks VS. Little Cocks: About Small Penis Humiliation

Do you have a little cock? A puny little dick that, Iím sure, you are stroking right now? Have you considered your little cock and itís usefulness to women? Do you like small penis humiliation? The reason these questions are being asked is because itís important to contemplate your small cock and what you intend on doing with it.

I perused the internet for articles on the subject of size, and I found many of them to cater to men with little cocks, saying the old adage of ďsize does not matterĒ. Hogwash. As a woman, if I have a say so in the matter, and I usually do - I will always pick a much more substantial, meaty, eight-inch cock over a five-inch one any day. Unless a woman has very small bits and can manage and attain pleasure with a small member, most women would agree that size does matter!

So now that you know the brutal honest truth - what do you do with your small penis? Get it humiliated of course! Small penis humiliation is a definite turn on to those who are less endowed as it serves a way of entertaining a woman - giving her a nice laugh riot over your very small dick.

So, buck up and take it, mister - you have a small penis and itís not going to do much to serve anyone. You can always use your tongue, of course, but getting laughed at is certainly in your cards of the future.

Want more small penis humiliation? Then pick up the phone and dial a lucky lady you can make laugh at


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