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Phone Humiliation:
How Does One Experience Humiliation During a Phone Sex Call?

by Ms. Cecilia of Phone Humiliation

Let's face it, you love to be humiliated—at least in your fantasies, or perhaps you've had some random little humiliating incidents that you certainly think about all the time. How can you expand on your fantasy of being humiliated and experience this on a phone sex call to a Mistress?

First of all, tell her how you enjoy being humiliated. Do you have a small penis? Do you dream of wearing panties and taking pictures of yourself to send off to your friends, or the Mistress you are speaking with? Do you love being called humiliating and degrading names?

The one way to experience humiliation on a phone sex call is to role play a scenario that best fits your fantasy: you are caught in panties by a room full of girls, or you are being teased in a college dormitory about the size of your penis, for example. Any type of role play can be carried out for your humiliating fantasy.

Another way is to take on real assignments from your Mistress: buying panties at a store in public, driving through a drive through with nothing but a trench coat on, perhaps having pictures taken of yourself and you send them to your Mistress to tease you about it. Perhaps you can get on web cam and sing songs and prance around in the nude. Whatever assignments you are looking and what you want to experience for real can be discussed with your Mistress before hand.


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