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I'm too good for you. We both know it.... And if we were to pass each other in the street I wouldn't even notice a pathetic wimp like you enough to look in your direction. I'm not even sure what to call you... I certainly couldn't use the term “man”... and even “male” seems to be pushing the envelope a little... I can't believe that a useless little shit like you plucked up the courage to even CONSIDER contacting a Goddess like myself.

But that's what does it for you, isn't it? The sound of my giggle, tinkling in your ear while I force you to tell me all about your sexual failings... The gasp of disbelief and then what seems like years going by, filled with my laughter when you show me your little clit on webcam... It's so pathetic to watch it struggle to get hard while you whimper with embarrassment... I'll admit, these are my FAVOURITE kind of calls. I enjoy nothing more than pointing out your obvious failings and exploiting every single, tiny crack in your feeble little psyche.

I'm going to make sure you feel as worthless and impotent as the rest of the world sees you. I will tear you down and then call my friends and make you listen while I tell them all about what a failure you are to your gender.

You have never felt as small as you will once I'm through with you. You pitiful excuse for a man.


Calls are 2.75 per minute with a minimum of 10 minutes. 18+ only.