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Femdom Phone Sex Humiliation is Exactly What you Need

by Ms. Amber of

Do insults and mockery turn you on? Sometimes you need a little ridicule, even if you can't explain why. Whether it's small penis humiliation, cuckoldry or just some good, old fashioned scolding, you need someone that knows how to cut you to the quick. This is what you've been looking for.

Mistresses know how to use your fantasies, insecurities, desires and most protected secrets to strip away your confidence and shame you with your own weaknesses. Whether you give us the power or we take it from you, it will be ours.

Teasing and humiliation comes natural to us, and we'd love to show you. Are you a cuckold unable to please a woman? Are you locked in chastity? Maybe you just can't stop masturbating! We know just how to embarrass you. Would you like to hear a humiliating story? We'll have one ready!

Have you ever wondered why humiliation is both desired and addictive?

Did you know that every man has a unique reaction to humiliation, and its's not always for the reasons you might think?

Are you plagued with shame because of your small penis? Maybe you can't stop thinking about what everyone else has. We understand, and would love to tell you why your puny penis could never please us!

Want a chance to explore your dirtiest desires without actually doing them?

Public Humiliation fantasies are perfect for that. Maybe you'd like to confide your fantasies about being naked or masturbating in public. How about if a sexy Mistress pushed you into a makeover complete with women's clothes and makeup? Some men even fantasize about making embarassing personal purchases at the grocery store or admitting their small penis size to a store clerk. The possibilities are endless.

Did you know there is a difference between cuckolds and sissy cuckold? You might be either one! We'd love to explore it with you and find your perfect fit!

Maybe you're preoccupied with your small penis. Do you worry about being 'enough' for your partner? Sometimes, our callers will admit that their penis isn't small at all, but the ridicule turns them on. Many women will spare your feelings instead of telling you the truth. Call an LDW Mistress and rest assured that your feelings are of no consequence to us! I bet you're feeling a tingle in your cock just thinking about that!

Cuckold humilation focuses on the willingness a man has to see his partner satisfied by a penis that he cannot provide. It's sexy to imagine that your wife just can't get enough of the cock that she has found to meet her needs. We would love to explore these fantasies with you while you find yourself wanting to participate in her sex sessions with her lover, or just watch.

Perhaps CFNM Humiliation, or 'clothed female, naked male' humilation is what you crave. Being naked in front of women while participating in embarrassing acts might be something you want to discuss!

And let's not forget sexy strap-on fantasies! We'd love to help you explore your bisexual fantasies through female domination.

Do you want us to laugh at you when you show us your stubby cock? Does your wife choose her dildo over sex with you? Is such a penis even worth having?

Allow us to introduce you to femdom phone sex humiliation. Whether sensual or firm, our Mistresses are quick to determine what is needed to provide a rich, satisfying experience. Let someone else take the reigns for a while, and we'll explore together.