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Humiliation. This word means different things to different people. Ms. EmmaJane helps you identify your own brand of humiliation.

Do you ever wonder why you enjoy humiliation so much? Ms. Harper discusses the reason humiliation hurts so good in Why do I Enjoy Humiliation?

You’d never know how much I love being humiliated just by looking at me. In fact if you put me in a line of men and told a panel that one of these men loves to be humiliated I would probably be the last one you’d choose. Meeting me wouldn’t immediately tip you off to the fact that I love being a humiliated slut for my Mistress. Not only do I love it, but I ache for it. I crave it. When I’m alone with my thoughts I remember our sessions and all the things I do to please my Mistress, things you couldn’t imagine. Read My Secret Life as a Humiliation Slut to see just what I mean.

My Mistress loves when I dress up for her. She insists that I be totally dressed in my best sissy clothes whenever she sees me. She goes shopping with me and helps me buy the pieces that look best on me. We’ve been to fashion shows together and had all kinds of shopping experiences. My Mistress has owned me for several years and I trust that she knows what’s best for me. I wasn’t out when we first started. She taught me to love myself by making me face who I was and what I needed. I haven’t ever regretted a moment with her, even when she made me wear a sissy TuTu.

As with most arenas of the sweet and sweaty world of sex, the difference between sensual humiliation and hardcore humiliation is not a strictly defined one. Both tap into the erotic practice of physical and verbal humiliation for gratification and pleasure. Continue reading What is the Difference between Sensual and Hardcore Humiliation?

My wife and I have been married for a few years. She’s a little younger than me and trust me, I know how lucky I am to have such a hot babe who was willing to not only date but marry me. My friends at the time made jokes about my money or how she’d have a lover in a year, but I knew better. After all, I’m not the typical cuckold type. I wouldn’t just sit by while I was being cheated on, what kind of fucking loser does that? Not me! Well, that was what I thought at the time. Read more about The Unwitting Cuckold.

I had an opportunity to sit down and chat recently with an awesome Small Penis Humiliation Mistress to get the 411 on this sexy fetish. I wanted to know why it is that so many men seem to love it and so do lots of Mistresses! So one recent sunny Saturday, she and I had coffee in her beautiful living room and she answered some questions. Read what she had to say in An Interview with a SPH Mistress.

Mistress Lena discusses how Mistress Wifey created a new humiliation toy in Mistress Wifey's Humiliation Toy.

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Do you sit and wonder why being ignored by a hot woman gets your cock hard? I never knew that I liked being ignored until my wife started ignoring me. Read more about the ignore fetish in Being Ignored and I Love When My Wife Ignores Me.

You’re getting hot. You’re getting ready. You can feel the bulge growing in your pants. Then you look down at your hard-on and remember—the last chick you went home with said you were, well, you know, let’s just say she wanted a bigger cock up her cunt. Continue reading Penis Humiliation.

Everyone has an addiction. We all find that our desires sometimes get the better of us and we can’t control ourselves. Humiliation is my drug of choice. I need it, crave it, live for it. Read more about it in Humiliation: My Drug of Choice.

Maybe you’re the kind of guy that waits for your girl to make the first move. Or maybe, you’re the opposite. Maybe you’re the kind of guy that jumps-on any cunt that comes along even though the truth is you’d rather have her take charge in the sex department. For both kinds of guys and every guy in between, the world of Sissy Humiliation may be for you.

Honestly, I’ve always had a small dick. When I was in my late teens, I just thought I was late bloomer, you know. I thought for sure college would be better. My dick would thicken up and I’d have raging hot chicks banging down my door begging to get fucked. Boy was I an idiot. Read more about me in Small Penis Humiliation: My Salvation.