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Yes, I'm talking to you, you're the only pathetic loser standing there aren't you? Your look of shock seems so genuine... or no, wait, it's embarrassment, isn't it? Really? That embarrasses you? I'd think you'd be used to it by now.

And now you want to deny it? I don't know why you're arguing with me about it. It's not like it's the first time you've been told that you're worthless or the first time you've been laughed at for it.

I will admit though, you are good for some things. Like giving me a good reason to laugh, lol... you are a pro at that, right? You are so entertaining to myself and my girlfriends. You and that little pathetic pindick of yours put on quite a show when you pull on it for us ladies.

Feeling better about yourself? I bet you are... being useful in some way is better than nothing at all I suppose. Wait, you didn't think that meant I'd let you put your dinky little pud inside of me did you? HA... really? Seriously? You've got to be joking!

Alright, we'll go over it one more time. I am only penetrated by real men with real cocks, at least 8 inches. I can finger myself, I don't need your little 4 incher to frustrate me. But, since you want to please me so, how about laying down on your back, I'll sit on your face and you can lick me... we both know how oral you little dicked losers can be!