Small Cock Humiliation

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Phone Humiliation:
Phone Sex and Small Cock Humiliation

by Ms. Cecilia of Phone Humiliation

Your cock is small. Okay, your cock is so pathetically small that it is absolutely humiliating. You have an urge to show it off and to tell someone, anyone, just how small your cock is, or to be reminded that, it is, indeed a puny, dinky worthless piece of meat. So donít worry! Just when you are thinking that your cock is ďnot so badĒ, or that itís ďnot the size that matter, itís how you use itĒ - our Mistresses are here to humiliate your small cock and keep you in your place.

If you want to humiliate yourself and make your Mistress laugh - take a picture of your little dinky member and send it to her. Better yet, have a ruler near it and make sure you have it in the picture - this is proof positive that your small cock is the size you say it is, and makes it even more humiliating for you. Doesnít it? Also, you can go on web cam and show your Mistress too what little equipment you are packing - that would be very humiliating for you.

Now, more importantly, donít forget to tell your Mistress all the humiliating stories you have had to endure in your life and the lack of sex you have received because of your small cock. If you want, wear panties whilst you are telling these humiliating stories and provide detailed information on how many times you have been rejected in the past.

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