What to do with a small penis

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What do you do with a small penis?

Do you have a small penis? How do you know if you do have a small penis? Well, maybe the question should be posed this way: do girls laugh at you when you take your pants down? When you place your hand around it, does it disappear? Does your girlfriendís six inch dildo tower over your small penis? Do you just feel humiliated for having such a small cock? If yes to all of those questions, what do you do with such a small penis?

Knowing that you do have a small penis, you may like to be humiliated and if so, you know that you canít do much with a small penis, right? The best thing to do is to show it to a girl so that she can humiliate you by taking pictures of it, and telling her girlfriends about how ridiculously small you are!

Other than dressing up your small penis in panties, or placing a ribbon on it, or perhaps having a woman point and laugh at it - it really isnít of much use now, is it? So here is wha at phonehumiliation.com are well equipped to humiliate your small penis, and to remind you of how you can be useful in other ways!

So donít sit at home alone whether you are single, or your girlfriend is out perusing other men with big penises, give us a call and weíll put you in the place you need to be. All three inches of you!